O’ Sciupafemmine

O’ Sciupafemmine – Honey
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O’ Sciupafemmine – Black
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O’ Sciupafemmine – Tortoise
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O’ Sciupafemmine

The Neapolitan term “Sciupafemmine” stands for seducer, a sort of serial womanizer. The challenge of seducing different women is far more interesting than the actual pursuit of a long-term romantic relationship. He is self-confident, he wears the most stylish clothing, drives expensive vehicle, all these efforts just to impress women. He does not want to hurt women on the contrary this gentleman wants to love them all.

Do you think fashion and elegance are timeless?

de Pasquale suggests an evergreen, the O’ Sciupafemmine model is what are you looking for.

Made in Italy is the best choice.