• Handcrafted in Naples

    After years abroad we decided to do an “interrail” with no destination in the deep south of the Italian boot.
    We have our work and our lives and we are ok with that. We rediscovered the south of our peninsula in every corner at one point we ran up into a small artisanal sunglasses workshop, that aroused our curiosity. We came in and we met the old artisan. «Everything that is handmade, the thrill that shapes an object, is the only guarantee that we can give to the next generation» he said. We were awakened by his words and we decided to leave our works and our simple lives. His knowledge and our fortitude blended, we started to pursue a dream.
    In this way de Pasquale is born again with the promise of giving shape to the artisanal emotion.

“Our ideas on the Made In Italy brand are different, it is not just a simple logo to put on a product, it is a quality and a design concept, that has its most intense expression in the authentic artisanal manufacture to rediscover and export all over the world.”

Lino, Riccardo ed Enrico
Founders of de Pasquale

P. Caiazza


We tell our story inspired by the timeless style of the authentic Italian manufacture

R. Palladino


What does Made in Italy mean to us? The extreme care for details, the accurate materials selection and the hands of our wise artisans.

E. Rupe


Passion, determination and clear ideas are the key points to go beyond our own ambitions.